Jericho Cosmetics
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Company profile


  • Jericho products have been applied successfully for over 20 years with proven results
  • Jericho have been researched, developed and tested by experts in the field
  • All Products comply with ISO 9002 standards
  • We offer a wide range of top quality products at competitive prices
  • We continuously develop new products to meet customer needs
  • We guarantee short order fulfillment and can ship to anywhere in the world!

Company Profile

  • Established in 1996, Marentia 0100cc was the first company to develop and market the idée of Product combining with short term training.
  • Uncompromising quality innovative spirit and hard work has positioned Marentia 0100cc and its daughters JERICHO Cosmetics, Sunray Beauty Academy & Barbara Wolf Make-Up as a leader on the SA market


Jericho Cosmetics
Tel: 012-543-3199 |  Fax: 012-543-9951

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